The Miz and Maryse kicked of Smackdown Live, with Miz demanding an apology from Renee Young.

And when he would say that she gets a dirty deeds from Dean, he was hoping that would bring her out, but he got Dean instead.

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Maryse was seen backstage walking to find Renee once she did she told Renee that this was from her husband and slapped Renee across the face and told her to never touch her husband again.

During the match, Maryse interfered and delivered a harsh slap to Dean Ambrose, and though he could of done something regretful, he decided against it and demanded that the referee kick her out. On the last Smackdown of 2016 The Miz didn’t have a match, but he was backstage with his doors guarded by Security, as Dasha first tried to get an interview with him, Maryse would answer the door and give her a look then slam the door in here face, only for the Miz to come to the door and tell her that he would only take questions from Renee and to go find her.

Once Dean made his way into the ring Miz would run out with Maryse still standing in his way, stepping from each side making sure he couldn’t get to her husband.

She would later slap Dean in the face, then getting out of the ring and walking up the ramp with The Miz as Dean would grab the microphone and tell Miz that Maryse could hit harder then him.

The pair dated for many years before finally tying the knot in 2014 with fellow WWE Superstars such as Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder in attendance.

Maryse returned to the WWE on the night after Wrestle Mania this year, helping her husband win the Intercontinental championship.

General Manager Daniel Bryan announced on WWE Network’s Talking Smack that Maryse has been fined ,000 for slapping Renee Young backstage on this week’s edition of Smack Down LIVE.

Bryan cited that Maryse was being fined for attacking a non-competing Superstar.

The fact Miz won his fifth IC Title was weird enough, but adding Maryse back in made it weirder.

There were rumors in late 2014 of Maryse coming back to WWE, but they were never fully confirmed, and it was mostly forgotten about.

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