Share a healthy drink of pure fruit or vegetable juice with your bird instead – this will satisfy both your bird’s taste-buds and nutritional requirements.

Cooked beans are a favorite treat of many birds, but raw, dry bean mixes can be extremely harmful to your pet.

Uncooked beans contain a poison called hemaglutin which is very toxic to birds.

To avoid exposure, make sure to thoroughly cook any beans that you choose to share with your bird.

Be sure to keep watch over the amount of salty foods your bird consumes Caffeinated beverages such as soda, coffee, and tea are popular among people – but allowing your bird to indulge in these drinks can be extremely hazardous.

Caffeine causes cardiac malfunction in birds, and is associated with increased heartbeat, arrhythmia, hyperactivity, and cardiac arrest.

Be sure to thoroughly cleanse and core any apple pieces that you share with your bird to avoid exposure to these toxins.

The skin and pit of this popular fruit had been known to cause cardiac distress and eventual heart failure in pet bird species.

Tomatoes, like potatoes and other nightshades, have a tasty fruit that is fine when used as a treat for your bird.

The stems, vines, and leaves, however, are highly toxic to your pet.

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