has been drawing audiences to its weird, macabre, hilarious take on the celebrated movie starring Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins for years at its Off-Off-Broadway theater.

Randy's dazzling beauty is enough to turn straightest of straight a little gay.

Considering how endowed most of the cast members of qaf were of pulchritude, would not be surprised if they had fuck parties, and would not be surprised if during one of those flings Gale topped Randy.

R22 Those who will not care about you NEVERHASBEENANDNEVERWILLBE. Most that was posted around here was proofed as fake using troll-dar. The trolldar can't prove or disprove somebody's information is fake. The majority of people here use different names and don't use the same identity.

One guy posted he was an extra in season 3 and did Randy. The trolldar will just target anybody whose commentary is not popular, like if you defend Pitt or Jolie from the trash.

We were like "we work here" but the bouncers wouldn't have any of it. Do you still get spotted as 'that guy' from , but not too much.

It’s usually a pretty touching experience, because now that people who were in their early teens when the show aired are grown up, I get some beautiful stories about how much the show affected them.

Most of the affair claims or bi/gay claims cannot be substantiated from concrete proof like photos. Those disproving claims and outing people as fake hold no water: Most people here post by different names.

Some people post by different locations to prevent their setting from being identified.

Because some of those sex scenes were pretty hot and heavy even if you were straight, it'd still turn you on to make out with a person in such a way.

It would be nice if we have someone who is authentic instead of random anonymous posters on the internet, to confirm their time together, if there was in fact, anything b/w them.

Unless someone provides some concrete evidence, like a photo of Gale and Randy in bed buttnaked outside of shooting, I refuse to believe any of the rumours. You said Season 3 and the actor Fabrizio Fillipo ( he played Ethan) popped out in my mind.