After the Warrior's performance ends, Winnie approaches Rihanna and insists that Crenshaw Heights should be disqualified ("or arrested") for interrupting PV's routine.

Camille, impressed by this, lets Britney cheer with them again.

Jesse, however, is still mad at her for not telling him that she had a boyfriend before they had kissed.

Both of the rivaling teams show their performances.

At the auditions, the two finalists are Pacific Vista and Crenshaw Heights.

Britney, at the urging of Winnie, has already vowed to never cheer for another team (as this would make her a 'cheer whore'), but after being dared by Camille and Jesse to show up at the cheerleading tryouts, Britney impresses everyone with her cheerleading skills and experience.

Camille, after being persuaded by her friends to "do it for the squad," reluctantly invites her onto the squad.

She meets Camille (Solange Knowles), cheerleading captain of the Crenshaw Heights 'Warriors' and her friends and fellow cheerleaders, Kirresha (Giovonnie Samuels) and Leti (Francia Raisa).

She also meets Jesse (Gus Carr), a male cheerleader and the only person who is nice to her on her first day.

Her nemesis is the highly ambitious Winnie Harper (Marcy Rylan).