I think she’s got a thing for the bad boy image, which Sheldon definitely fulfills.

Barbie’s boyfriend has a thing for cars, but apparently Barbie herself was shooting a modeling scene back in June of 2014 in Mclaren, which is an ultra-rare million-dollar car.

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’s new reality show “WAGS” followed that formula in its first episode on Tuesday night, but there are some new twists to this series: Namely, it’s educational.

“Private jets, vacations, parties, photo shoots, black cards,” ticks off Ashley North (girlfriend of Washington Redskins safety Dashon Goldson). “There’s a need to be perfect,” clarifies Barbie Blank (fiancée of Anaheim Ducks defenseman Sheldon Souray). “Everyone’s aspiring to be a wife.” Below that, there’s fiancée, which is also acceptable because at least you have a ring on it.

“Women throw themselves at these guys,” Olivia confirms. “Then the fact that they’re dating someone pretty like Nicole, that –” “Just ups their stock,” Olivia interrupts.

“It makes Larry a lot more attractive than if he were single.

(A distinguished group including Carrie Underwood, Iggy Azalea and Victoria Beckham, producers want you to know.) This series chronicles a group of women either dating or married to sports stars, with as much real and manufactured drama as you would expect.

First, WAGS stands for “Wives And Girlfriend S” of professional athletes.

That includes going to tropical islands and lounging out on the beach, working on tans.

A lot of the pictures you see posted by Sheldon Souray’s girlfriend Barbie Blank have that kind of theme.

“The wives definitely tend to look down on the girlfriends,” Ashley explains.