I think this downward spiral into Pixie Hollow is pretty simple really: the other guys are better. R54 Tom may not be in Cumberbatch's league, but Tom is a better actor than a bunch of other guys working in Hollywood.I think you have me confused with someone else, r52. If skinny pretty boy Orlando Bloom can string together a bunch of Leading Man roles, there's no reason why Tom couldn't too.One of RDJ's dealers wrote a book and took a lie detector test.

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Downey said, "you might like it if you tried it." The dealer was cute and he was eventually arrested and went to prison.

His own level of coke use was about the same as his steady client, Rick James. The only time I recall him mentioning anything like that was an interview where he said he was once passed out from drugs/drink and woke up and another guy was blowing him.

It doesn't mean he has the qualities (charisma, depth, the ability to fascinate) producers or directors are interested in.[R62] To be fair, that wasn't what the Whistleblower RADA Friend actually said.

He/she said something about him being smart academically, but not all that talented, but willing to work very hard for which he was respected.

Judging how fast his DL threads fill up, it would be a hit.

Just one question: are we certain that Tom isn't voicing Tinkerbell in the pirate movie?Works very hard though and is respected for this, but also has a huge sense of entitlement. Susannah was as close as he got, in my opinion, and he blew that one.Is very resentful that he has not gotten a lot more recognition. Everyone feels the same way about the tinkerbell gig. Everyone else he has dated has looked like the inside of a purse.R20 It started last night and went something like "Wow. Unfortunately it's been deleted.re: the last bit of gossip on the last thread, from the friend of Tom's RADA "friends"I can believe that Tom was awkward with women while at drama school - he looked kinda awkward in old photos - but that was quite a while ago.I just Googled myself (bad idea and yet I occasionally can't resist) and discovered this site. The recent gossip about him says he hooks up fairly frequently with model-types.For such a perfect, amazing man he doesn't seem to be much good with relationships. Pretty much ignoring him until the cameras were around.