I still have days when I feel insecure, but I know that if I'm not confident in myself, there's no way I can convince anybody else to believe in me." "I've learned to take my flaws and [realize] they're what make me different. God forbid I look like every other robot-cookie-cutter girl out there!

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I like when a woman takes charge and does not just agree with everything I like -- that's boring. I like girls who are comfortable with themselves and have a good sense of humor. Sexy isn't the clothes you wear, it's the way you wear them.

Pretty is cool, but it's not really about looks for me, it's more about personality.

There are thin women I think are beyond sexy, and then there are heavier women I think "There definitely was a time when I was pretty obsessed with my weight, but I'm better off not stressing about my body all the time. I was dyslexic, so I never had the skills for school.

By listening to books on tape, going to lectures or watching documentaries and finding out how I need to learn, that's when my education began.

She was absolutely Miss Popular, a pageant girl, and she looked perfect every day!

Always had the cutest outfits, always looked the best at prom.They were also spotted walking the boardwalk together ahead of filming on the soap.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Pierson Fode Just over the weekend, Pierson launched his new website! Go sign up for exclusive content and giveaways etc,” he alerted fans on Twitter.But sometimes when you get a little closer to people who look that perfect, you realize that they don't feel perfect. And that's what happened with this girl--I became closer friends with her, and one day she confessed that she was bulimic."You have to know exactly what you need out of a relationship.You should be finding out what makes you happy in life.I never really belonged to any one group in high school. It's not that anyone was mean to me; I just think that for the most part people were indifferent, and sometimes that hurts worse. It's like, if I could go back and do it again I would have taken guitar lessons or something. who has more to offer the world than just a pretty picture. It's where you really learn who you are and what you're trying to do.