It also is contained in a Western sheath without the normal "double-stitching" and the keeper strap is attached at the top of the sheath rather than just above the throat of the sheath. The big 8 inch Westerns were massive and very popular. It is the only 8" that features a bright blade, "WESTERN" only on the blade, wide red spacers and the "Pat. It also has the saber ground blade and came in a "single-stitch" sheath. This V44 blade has been fitted with an aluminum knuckle handle.

This is the exact knife that MH Cole used in his books and is from the collection of Ernie Modlin.

In a letter to MH Cole in 1961, Western said that they made several samples of this knife with both brass and aluminum handles.

western bowie dating-19

I've written former employee's of the Camillus Co trying to get information.

They have told me that Camillus NEVER DATE MARKED THE W49.

The knives that I've been able to confirm where Camillus made have all been blade marked; Western W49 USA (reversing the order of the USA/W49 on the second line as appeared on the earlier versions)I've made inquiries as to whether Camillus may have also marked the knives in a different way.

As of yet I haven't received a reply one way or the another.

It also comes in the rare wire belt-hook sheath that is often referred to as the "Commando" sheath.

The Western stiletto and sheath pre-dates the Camillus USMC Raider stiletto. This L77 is also a saleman's sample as evidenced by the blade inking (L77-7") and is from Ernie Modlin's collection.

After years sitting in my desk drawer I decided to take it to a grinding wheel to produce an edge.

That did the trick and the whet stone was used to fine tune the edge.

It was covered in Rust, but I'm slowly getting it looking better than new. I will be replacing them with slightly larger Pins, Canvas Micarta and affixing them with PC Superpoxy. 223shootersc, 357revolverfan, Action Jackson, CA357, dan3, Dougzilla, gamgee, hawkbern, Hungry, Joboo, joes, John Moses, ken k, larryp, m Kosel, Ricekila, Robot, Smudge, sojurn87, talon115, timf, Trent Rock, tricky48, txflyer, Viper shtf, voyuer1 I collect Westerns The W49's are really hard to date Some have big pins, small pins, 3 pins, 2 pins, stamped on guard, stamped on tang, etc...

Tell me what it says EXACTLY on the tang stamp The W49's are awesome The older ones are carbon steel Some of them are a chromed type steel I think it's called Vanadium The newer ones are stainless steel The bushcrafters like to mod them Usually they cut of the top part of the guard This is just a guide=== (I am not saying it is the same knife although the tang is brass it is not as thick as yours) almost exactly like that, without the rust.

The photos here are of the Bowie knife my father carried as a paratrooper in Vietnam. He stated that his entire unit purchased these knives with their own money before they left for Vietnam.