Foreword How do Chae Lim and Ji Sup fare as a couple after ‘Cheers for the woman’?

Story Rui Chun is unhappy that a daughter is born instead of a son as claimed by Grandmother.

Seeing him being attracted, she wants to meet him there.

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She tries to fix her hair nicely and sees another guy’s face in the reflection. Kui Shan is Hao Zhen’s godmother and chooses the name, Esther for her.

It means star and Zai Yong hopes that she will shine in the end.

She stresses that something must have gone wrong with Rui Chun’s pre-natal teaching.

Rui Chun is angry that her mother doesn’t console her.

Xiu Zhi blames Hao Zhen for not showing enough concern to Zai Yong to cause this to happen. Zai Yong is taken aback with the bruise on his face. They bet to see if Zai Yong will ditch her after knowing that she is a high school student.

Someone tries to get fresh with Jia Qi and he tries to be a hero to get beaten instead. Zai Yong nearly wants to laugh – so he still has the means to attract someone. If Jia Qi wins, she can do what she wants to Hao Zhen.

It is not the seductive woman that scares them but it is the silly smile that Zai Yong shows on his face now.

Kui Shan likes the innocent Hao Zhen and hopes to pair her with Kui Ren. Hunter is out of bounds to high school students as they are underaged. The waiter stops Xiu Zhi from going in – she will scare the customers with her terrible dressing and exaggerating looking flower on her head.

She rehearses the lines to talk to him and Kui Ren frowns - is she mad?

Upon seeing her pretending to meet Zai Yong through coincidence, Kui Ren nearly laughs till he bursts. Zai Yong walks into a shop and Kui Ren is curious to see what she is doing outside.

Rui Chun hasn’t finished high school and has a child out of wedlock.