Is it necessary to validate train tickets in Germany?Can we validate tickets on the train, or only prior to boarding?

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All pass merchants offer the same prices; sales happen, though.

Watch for sales on Eurail passes in the Student Travel blog. To take the Eurostar train under the English channel from London to Paris or Brussels, you'll have to get a Eurostar ticket.

A train station attendant will validate it at first use in Europe.

European night trains: If you board a train before p.m.

You can't buy the same Eurail passes in Europe that you can in the US -- a certain number of Europe train seats are reserved for pass holders, and those tickets are usually meant for US travelers in order to promote European rail travel in the US.

Try Rail Europe to buy your pass -- the site's easy and telephone help is awesome. What travel days on Eurail passes mean: A day on a pass is usually one 24 hour period.

Treat it like cash from then on, keeping it as safe as you will your passport -- if you lose it, you may be out of luck until you're back home. You'll be writing on it once it's validated in Europe. About validating Eurail passes: Before you start using your pass, it must be validated.

Validating Eurail passes means marking the date on which train travel begins.

: Eurail passes are created by a European train carrier-owned consortium called Eurail which sells European train passes to non-European citizens through sellers like Rail Europe.