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You need to know this and many more details about why you’re creating the database before you start the design process.

You can’t create a viable database without software tools, no more than you could build a house without construction tools. Data modeling software, also called a CASE tool, is the data modeler’s and data designer’s best friend.

However, the initial investment will be paid back in terms of shortened time-to-market for database projects and increased knowledge of corporate data and processes.

You can read about six different CASE tools in "Comparative Review: Sizing Up Data Modeling Software." The comparison is based on capability and price, with some indication of how long it might take you to learn the package.

There is one thing to remember, though: No modeling tool will ever replace a person who understands how the business works.

The CASE tool will only assist in creating visual representations of the business processes and structure.

The database that you’re creating has to support business operations, so you need to interview company staff members and managers to understand how the business runs.

Only then can you get a handle on the requirements that you’ll need to meet in order to create a viable database.

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When you’re gathering requirements, you’re going to encounter conflicting business needs—count on it.