Although only being able to type only one finger would make actually for the site somewhat difficult.

On the other hand being able to use the touch screen makes the interface far better than the Wii’s old browser, as it is now much easier to scroll and fill in text fields, because being able to type with a touchscreen is a heck of a lot better than having to use point controls.

Likewise individual pages tended to take longer to load than they would have would on my computer, depending on how big the page was.

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A common solution for this issue is uninstalling the app and downloading a newer version available online. Another issues related to You Tube not working on Wii is somewhat related to internet connection.

Wii has a special uninstalling feature that simplifies the process. Some users reported the app indicates that they are not connected to the internet and need to check their internet connection.

Like many of our readers, I too suffer from a number of crippling psychological addictions.

Chief among those is that I cannot live without the internet.

This program is easy to use as it embeds a download button on You Tube's page to download videos directly.

Users can select their preferred quality then wait for the system to complete its download.In some ways it’s actually more convenient to watch You Tube videos on the browser than in the Wii U’s actual You Tube app, since the browser allows you to continue browsing on the touch screen while the video plays on the TV, plus this way you’ll be using the more familiar You Tube interface from the website rather than the strange one the app uses.Honestly, Nintendo’s intent with the browser was likely to give players an easy way if they’re stuck in a game to quickly hop on Game FAQs or something and look up a guide, and for that purpose it works well enough.Some of the problems that its users experience are the following: Users can access You Tube through the browser and through the You Tube app.However, many people experienced the app not loading after selecting.And it evolved to supporting mobile apps and internet connection, allowing its owners to stream videos through various online platforms including You Tube, Amazon, Netflix and other streaming sites.