Additionally, Spotlight can "Send email to", "Send Pager Duty incident" and "Send SNMP Trap" at the same time.Alarm Actions - Where the alarm action is "Suppress the alarm " or "Decrease the severity" to Normal, Spotlight now clears any previous severities raised against the alarm as the alarm has been cleared.Playback Database - Corrected error on report that no data could be seen in playback mode by modifying the data retrieval process so the lock is released at the end of the playback data retrieval process.

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General information about the virtual machine and host is automatically generated and stored in the registry for virtual machines running Windows and in files for virtual machines running Linux.

Additionally there is a registry key and file where information can be created manually that can be shared between the host and the virtual machine.

The time synchronization service provides the ability to synchronize your virtual machines’ time with the time from the host.

Just as time is critical to physical servers it is critical to virtual machines.

For additional information about data exchange, see Data Exchange The heartbeat service monitors the state of running virtual machines by reporting a heartbeat at regular intervals.

This service helps you identify running virtual machines that might have stopped responding.The operating system running in the virtual machine must support the selected services.The following is the list of the integration services that can be configure in the Integration Services settings page for each virtual machine.(provider: TCP Provider, error: 0 - The specified network name is no longer available.) : The specified network name is no longer available [64] Improved handling of Error "Could not find database ID 53..." in script QS_to ignore errors that resulted from the database being inaccessible and raise the alarm for SQL Server Collection Execution Failure.Clarified that the script to grant SQL Server account permissions to a trusted user does not grant sufficient privileges to view the data on the SQL Server | Support Services Drilldown | Service Status page.For additional information about time synchronization and in what scenarios you should disable the service, see Time Synchronization.