Lucifer is hesitant to believe her and asks Maze to look after her while he investigates on the case with Chloe (Lauren German). The first episode ended with Charlotte passing out in "Lucifer's" arms.It can be recalled that Charlotte, "Lucifer's" mother escaped from hell in episode 1. It has been reported by News Everyday that Charlotte escaped the gates of hell and wants to spend time with her sons.

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The latter, on the other hand, was wearing a bathrobe while walking on the streets.

In other news, the premiere date for "Lucifer" season 2 is scheduled this September.

She has been trapped in hell for so many years and it is unclear if she seeks revenge upon her escape.

"Lucifer" Season 2 will explore more on Charlotte's life and character. This then is the cause of the latter's jealousy towards his brother.The Twitter user also posted a photo of Ellis and Helfer giving life to their respective characters.In the photo, Lucifer could be seen dragging his mom on the street while Charlotte tries to explain something to him.During an interview in 2012 she confirmed that she had dated Sylvester Stallone when she was 18.She is married to Johnathan Marshall, a lawyer whom she met at a mutual friend's birthday party.She is also involved in different charity events, from animal rescue to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.