That said, this is a great app in (what I hope) is its early stages, so you'll have to forgive it's lack of features and development as compared (again) to the more known swipe apps. Whenever I click on someone's profile to view it, the app force closes. Updated: the app was working fine after the last update.

Give it a try, share it with your friends, help grow the community. But now it freezes while I'm using it, and when I'm messaging. The notification will pop up but the whole conversation will be blank(after having a somewhat long conversation)Another update: the only issue I'm having now is that it's seeming to match me with profiles I haven't even seen and the people they're matching me with are messaging me.

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Wise beyond your years and emotionally strong you hope to find a mate with a similar understanding of the world. You have experienced much in your life and treat every new experience, whether good or bad, as a learning one.

You are described as being wise beyond your years and have a deep understanding of the world around you.

She has now joined Soul Search to focus on fostering matches within the greater L. community which until now has not enjoyed a dedicated person in that role.

We welcome her and are very excited to extend her expertise and talent to the community.

Soul Search is a dynamic initiative designed to connect marriage-minded Jewish singles of all ethnic backgrounds and religious observance levels through exclusive events, educational programming and matchmaking opportunities.

A series of weekly classes featuring various guest speakers who provide insight on how to build and maintain happier, healthier relationships.

Whether you are married or not, this is a great book on spiritual partnership.

While training to become a Marriage and Family Therapist I learned about healthy communication.

Don't use those generic dating sites that don't take into account the individual's maturity level and therefore leave it up to you to weed out the undesirables. It may be a passion, life style, deviation, or affliction.

The Old Soul dating community is your place to connect, share and grow with other Old Soul singles. Our mission is to unite you with a dating community sharing your kwink.

But, because of the thick density of daily life (body pain, the hyper-focus on purely the physical or the ego’s busy job of distraction) it is very easy to forget that we are primarily Souls having a human experience.