I am a level-three sex offender according to Arizona, the state in which I now reside, and that will also probably never change.

While I can see how my actions led to my incarceration and accept that there must be some punishment for breaking the law, I fail to see how having the stigma of being a “sex offender” hanging over my head for the rest of my life does myself or society any good.

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I was a young man who made a series of very poor decisions and will pay for them for the rest of his life. This entry was posted on Thursday, September 6th, 2012 at am by Lenore Skenazy and is filed under Innocence, Nanny State.

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Bescherm minderjarigen tegen expliciete beelden op internet met: cybersitter, cyberpatrol of netnanny.Folks, it’s Lenore from Free-Range Kids, back here because I just got this email and it points very clearly to the path we must take: CHANGE THE SEX OFFENDER LAWS which are, as this “offender” himself notes, harsher than those we mete out for murder — even when what we’re talking about is CONSENSUAL SEX between two teens. Both occurred in the State of Michigan, my first when I was 17. My convictions were CSC 4th degree (statutory rape) and CSC 3rd degree.I was involved with my FIRST girlfriend, who was just about to turn 16 at the time of the offense (we started seeing each other when I was 16 and she was just about to turn 14 and headed into her freshman year of HS.) My second conviction came almost a year later to the day.I was on probation, admittedly not following orders as I was already listed on the sex offender registry, had been expelled from HS 3 months before graduating due to the conviction and convinced my life was pretty much over as I knew it.With housing options limited, job opportunities almost nil (hope you like working in restaurants or telemarketing), and a legal system designed to induce failure rather than facilitate success, the pathway to become a useful member of society is littered with sinkholes and quicksand.