In this case, or if you want to contact the developers, please write to [email protected][/CREDITS] By the way, this is the Alpha Version, it is almost completely untested, through I hope you won't get to much error messages. Also, this game is safe for work, as save as playing a Pokémon Dating Sim at work can be. After saving your game, you have to start a new game and then load your saved progress. It has been exactly a year since I've started documenting this projects (and judging from the idea thread a little bit more since the idea came to me out of boredom).It is written in Ren'Py and []Python[/url], where Ren'Py is a visual novel engine written in Python itself, thus the high compatibility.

I don't know if that's Python's or Py Tom's doing, but now I feel stupid, because I actually could have tested it on Windows but thought my solution would be flawless.

However, this way I could insert the missing line break in the credits :)Working now!

Programmers know how funny this part is.- Also some balancing in the game would be nice.- And there is a delivered with the game which pops up when the Help Button is used. This were the things that NEEDS to be done, but there are way more ideas we want to implement in the future, ranging from Legendary Pokemon Encounters to a complex inventory system, where you have to order the things in your bag to fit (right now you can carry anything). So, to have the program work on every platform, I used "os.separator" insted of "/" or "\" or any other way.

And now Ren'Py tells us that it WANTS the "/", even on Windows.

Upgrade any one of the browsers below and it will make your internet life better - not just on Ranker, but everywhere!

First off, I hope you guys don't mind that I write the same thread for the other board and this one. You (the player) are gymleader Brock (the protagonist) and – as we all know – a single like no other.

the champs of the regions), you will take the chance to finally get a girlfriend!

Because of the around 400 contestands from around the globe the tournament lasts a whole month and that is your time limit to use your charm (as well as strength, intelligence and skills) on the island where the tournament is hold. [img]Brock has no vector yet.[/img][CREDITS]Inspired by Emerald07Game Design - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Plot Writing - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Character Writing: Misty - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Sapphire - Gero "Myrrhion" Büßing Cynthia - Cazicon Character Tracing: Misty - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Sapphire - Gero "Myrrhion" Büßing Cynthia - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Item Tracing - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Background Images - provided by Programming - Sebastian "Ayutac" Koch Music - provided by The Ghoul alias partyghoul2000Special Thanks To:the members of the lemma soft forums for their help with programming issues Programs of Choice: Ren'Py V 6.14 for the actual gamej Edit for writing the source code Ink Scape for tracing Characters and Items GIMP for olifying the Background Images Sound Converter (on Lubuntu) for converting the music files to .ogg© 2002-2013 Pokémon.

This is especially important since there could be any number of girls.- A screen to distribute the start points.

Until then Brock will stick with 10 for each.- Make the credits accessable from the main menu.## Screen language and coding:- Expand/build a debug/cheat system, INCLUDING the GUI.

I'm also going to make a vector tutorial within the next month because despite the tracing itself it easy I have to make sure people trace the girls in a way we can easily change details.