Things like comment forums, the ability to rate user photos, identify and comment about favourite users you’ve encountered on the site as well as maintain and publish a personal list of favourites. The downside, of course is that ratings and favourites lists can quickly deteriorate into the juvenile, high-school kind of popularity contesting and exclusionism that underpins reality-TV shows like Survivor and infects North American culture generally these days. I also noted that this is why I was taking down my profile and ceasing use of Plenty of Fish.

While women who are teases have been around forever and are nothing new, they seem to be shockingly common on POF.

Sent out more e-mails to women whose profiles looked interesting.

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Plentyoffish likely saved itself a larger payment by taking immediate steps to comply with CASL once notified of the violations.

After the Compu-Finder fine, Robert Burko, the president of Toronto-based marketing firm Elite Email and an community blogger, said the high-profile action by the CRTC should shock other companies into compliance.“On the whole, legitimate businesses weren’t spamming their customers in the first place,” said Burko. They have a brand worth protecting.”Is your business still struggling with CASL compliance?

Being separated, I specified that I was only looking to date and make new friendships.

All that I have had to show for my efforts despite dozens of e-mails is a whole lot of… I upgraded the photos and edited my profile in hopes of getting more dates.

That got deleted too, and a nasty message from someone whose profile name was “Ms Taken”.

Again, no real explanation was given for the removal of the thread. Then I got an e-mail at the POF site telling me the thread was deleted ‘by the POF community’.A couple confirms they met on the website every two minutes, and the website claims to create one million relationships every year.Unlike Plentyoffish, Compu-Finder was singled-out by the CRTC as particularly egregious offender that ignored CRTC requests to follow the rules and accounted for 26 per cent of complaints under its industry segment received by the CRTC’s Spam Reporting Centre.Most of the sites I found offer comment forums where POF users can talk about the negative experiences they’ve had there.The few that I checked out were almost overwhelmingly populated by cheesed-off men.According to the CRTC, it launched an investigation after receiving complaints from citizens and discovered that Plentyoffish Media appeared to have sent commercial emails to registered users of its online dating service with an unsubscribe mechanism that either wasn’t prominent or couldn’t be readily performed, as required by CASL.