She will, absolutely, but the specter of what is about to happen is so huge that it dwarfs any one person’s personal feelings.

When you’re looking at the end of the world or the end of your own life, there’s really no time to dwell on your own hurt.

In many parts there is manifest ornamentation, though at times this is obscured by the brilliance of their usefulness.

TVLINE Things looked very dire at the end of the last episode with Roger being strapped into The Machine. It’s a very real, impending doom that will tick down until the last frames of the season. TVLINE Does that include any of the regular characters? The reverberations of [ What’s Jedikiah going to do with his newfound powers? That’s what makes his fading love story with Cara so tragic.

RELATED | 2014 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Getting Cancelled? It certainly looks like at the end of [Episode 21] that he’s going to enjoy using them. Maybe playing God isn’t quite as simple as Jedikiah thought it would be. Both of them want to go back to who they were, but that’s something that nobody, not even paranormals, can do.

For me, that’s what’s really interesting about the finale — it plays out nearly in real time, and our characters are forced to make real-time decisions about how to survive.

But then they’re also forced to make, essentially, death-bed confessionals.

As would be expected in a culture that valued the prepuce, the Greek language reflected this esteem through precise terminology.

The Greeks understood the prepuce to be composed of two distinct structures: the designates that part of the prepuce that covers the glans penis, but Greek writers occasionally used this word (or any of its variations, such as ποσθιη or ποσθια) in a general sense to designate the entire prepuce or, by extension, the entire penis.

In the domain of pleasures, for instance, the longer prepuce often serves as the object of erotic interest and as a signifier of the sexually attractive male, as demonstrated by the following ribald passage from the of Lucian: "Surely," I said, "you don't mean that notable Dion, that lusty, low-scrotumed, cuntish, and mastic-chewing youth who masturbates and gropes whenever he sees someone with a large penis [πεωδη] and a long prepuce [ποσθωνα]?

" Lucian is not satirizing the fact that a long prepuce should function as the visual cue that triggers Dion's erotic responses.

They’re forced to unburden themselves of all the things that are in their heart because there’s no way you can say them when you’re dead.

I think people will be very interested to hear how our characters really feel for one another.

(or any of its alternative forms, such as ακροποσθια and ακροποσθιη) designates the tapered, tubular, visually defining portion of the prepuce that extends beyond the glans and terminates at the preputial orifice.