An exotic dancer may perform for a large or small audience; individuals or couples; in strip clubs, nightclubs, or at private parties.The term exotic dancer encompasses features, showgirls, and house dancers.

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An acronym for ‘B&D’(bondage & discipline); ‘D&S’ (dominance and submission); and ‘S&M’ (sadomasochism).

The term "BDSM" describes any situation or practice that involves erotic power exchange - dominance and submission, pain play, bondage, sensation play, or anything related to these activities.

BDSM work refers to any consensual activities between adults including some or all of these things, but on a professional level (we’re getting paid for it).

A showgirl is skilled at holding an audience's attention using dance and/or other specialized skills (pole work, acrobatics, gymnastics, fire shows, theme shows, etc) and by responding to the audience's reaction(s).

Common in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba, showgirls are usually booked on stage for week-long contracts and work Monday to Saturday, with a day off and/or switch clubs on Sunday.Male exotic dancers are often body builders and are usually very well-toned and muscular.Contracted under different rules and regulations than female exotic dancers (in part due to there being fewer opportunities for paid male performance), male dancers are generally paid more for their shows with their shows lasting longer than female exotic dancers shows.Solo performers are required to perform more often than revue/troupe performers.Male dancers commonly "tie off" which is a process that consists of tightly wrapping a thick elastic around the base of the penis when fully erect to maintain its girth for an extended period of time, presenting the visual effect of full arousal. Many clubs do not permit nudity, so the dancer is prohibited from exposing his penis.In Western Canada, although she is usually the highest paid showgirl, she shares a common job description with the other dancers who are paid for their shows.