Everyone from armchair bloggers to senior economists spat fire on his dream until it eventually ground to a halt.

In July 2010, Jason threw in the towel and abandoned his scheme.

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Mohammed Farah Aidid (of fame), who returned to Somalia in 1996 to lead the powerful Habr Gedir clan in the country’s civil war. Just this month, rapper 50 Cent visited Dolow in Somalia at the request of the World Food Programme.

The trip was presumably intended to raise awareness of the issues in the way that Angelina Jolie and George Clooney did for Sudan and Oprah did for South Africa.

With an AK-47 and a Bible, Sam would spread the wrath of the Lord and rescue abducted children for the next few years.

Imagine John Rambo with a biker’s beard hunting rebels in the savannah and you pretty much get the idea.

And somewhere in Africa, an economy sighed in relief.

Firstly, it’s debatable whether there is actually a need for T-shirts in Africa.Three months after Jason abandoned sending a million shirts to Africa, TOMS celebrated sending a million pairs of shoes to the underprivileged. While there are possibly more people in the world who need shoes than might need shirts (though this is debatable), TOMS can be (and has been) broadly criticised for the same kinds of unintended consequences of dumping shoes in places where people might otherwise be employed to make them.Further, though, the TOMS campaign — like the million shirts — misses the fundamental point that not having a pair of shoes (or a shirt, christmas toy, etc.) is not a problem about not having shoes. Shoelessness, such as it is, is a symptom of a much bigger and more complex problem. But TOMS doesn’t make its shoes in Africa, it makes them in China where it’s presumably cheaper to make two pairs of shoes and give one away than it is to get people in a needier community to make one pair of shoes. The criticisms of TOMS, Jason, and other purveyors of SWEDOW tend to be intellectual, economic concerns.(stuff we don’t want) to describe initiatives like Jason Sadler’s 1 Million T-Shirts project.Sadler had admittedly never been to Africa, and had never worked in an aid or development environment before.If the trip was nothing more than Fifty touring hard-hit areas in order to bring the world’s lazy media along, then it would have been useful at best, and benign at worst. If you Like the Facebook page for his Street King energy drink, he will provide a meal for a child in need. Dramatically photographed, concealed-as-humanitarian-activism, extortion. I can feed so very many meals to these starving children, but I won’t unless you give me something.