Gojiyo is all about making new friends and exploring together on your browser.You can even explore the world alone if you wish too.

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Fantage is a wonderful MMO that gives you the chance to be creative and social.

Make your human avatar look like you or look like someone entirely different. Go out on the town and talk to other players once you want to make friends. You have the social aspect of it, as always, and so much more.

Chit Chat City allows you to actually draw your favorite avatar!

You have access to brushes and a 3D canvas in this game.

Smeet is for all those who are looking for a great platform for 3D chat! The best part is that you barely have any rules to follow in this game. This virtual world is going to let your dream of becoming a movie star become reality, at least while your indulged in this world.

You’ll be able to customize yourself and create a style for yourself as well.Play online and explore the entire world without having to download it at all! You have plenty of chances to meet new people and play alongside them.Create your own cartoon charatcer and start playing on your browser with characters created by others!Habbo Hotel is diverse and pretty different from the other games you may have played.It is all about hotels and you have thousands of rooms to explore.The game also lets you create your own house and then start socializing!