Here’s a peek: Ok Cupid A female friend downloaded her profile on Ok Cupid and was inundated with messages in a matter of seconds.

She hadn’t swiped or selected a single person, so these messages were not even from people she was interested in. Apparently, unlike most other sites, Ok Cupid allows anyone to send and receive messages without as much as pairing them as a match.

In summary, it seems that Truly Madly is your app if you’re looking for a serious relationship, Hinge if you’re more discretionary, and Tinder if you’re looking for anything from a fling to marriage. There is, of course, recourse for those who are not comfortable with meeting people on apps.

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The truth is that traditional matrimonial sites have stopped working for a lot of people, as compatibility and common interests take centrestage.

Though we still have a lot to learn, dating in India has gone mainstream now, and dating apps can be a platform to meet long-term and short-term partners.

It keeps trying to build your profile through pop-up- styled quizzes. They also have the option of joining their A-list, which has perks like no ads, advanced searches filters, and the ability to browse invisibly.

But such basic services come — unnecessarily — at a price.

My friends tell me that they meet the same chronically single people year after year, the ones who are also on Tinder and other dating apps, so I’m not sure how much value Hinge could add to your dating portfolio. I guess the app does that to ensure that only serious candidates get through to each other.

This requires some deliberation and investment of time, which can work for or against you, depending on what you’re looking for.

Ok Cupid is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and my friend rated it as the worst dating app of the lot.

Hinge A slightly more discretionary app than Tinder, Hinge connects you to people with whom you have common friends. It also has a time frame within which you have to write to your match or the app automatically unmatches you. This means that you either send an invitation, for which you pay, or you receive one, for which you don’t have to pay.

All you get is their age and a box out that gives you a percentage of ‘match’ versus ‘enemy’.

This statistical result is derived from five frivolous questions that include the likes of ‘are you okay with smokers?

In a matter of an hour her email inbox and app were flooded with one hundred new messages! My friend said that just by downloading this app she felt like she’d let herself lose into a pack of hounds.