This last year one of my favorite ones…so Ben (Ben Bass who plays Sam) is a perfectionist, he’s very serious about his craft.

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I feel like with Canada already further ahead, now everybody can kind of be on board. My answer to what happens next doesn’t fill the void of wanting to see those characters go through it. It would be a rebirth because obviously we’re not going to be rookies forever. I’m kind of in the dream role when it comes to working as a team with the people that are on board. Kind of when a project ends, depending on where I am in my life and what I relate to, I kind of just find the next project that suits where I’m at. I can tell you that Marlo and Dov are working on the Evidence Room bombing, and we’re trying to figure out how this even happened and that’s going to be a threat that goes throughout the season. I have been following, but I haven’t been able to watch yet.

Obviously I’ll still be careful with what I’m saying if there’s questions about the rest of the season, but it really worked out better than I thought it would. I think last year was the first year we did it and we weren’t sure how to promote it or how far to go with the discussion but I think it’s a little bit easier now. So you will be live Tweeting the premiere this Thursday night? @mperegrym) So is this officially the back half of season 5 or the start of season 6? If it works, I think it’s so rare these days that shows go on for a very long time. What can you tease fans about the rest of this season. There’s somebody inside 15 Division, so it’s basically finding out who that person is. I’m actually going to be watching the Canada game this Saturday against England.

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Our summer TV lineup just isn’t complete without Rookie Blue.

( Andy has to fight off an attacker in this upcoming episode. You really kind of…let me try and remember what happened here. I really flipped over the chair backwards and landed. The middle part was her going over the couch and under the table. Is that an issue we’ll be running into the rest of this season?

How much of that is you and how much of that is a stunt double? No, because I think that we’ve grown past that in season 5. They made a choice to really work on communicating and committing to each other on a deeper level and having more intimacy. I think the issue here, definitely for Andy, she doesn’t know her place anymore.

Apparently they’ve been dating since the early part of the year, but they have been seen together more and more now that the Steelers’ training camp has officially opened.

Just recently they were spotted taking in a Pittsburgh Pirates game.

Fortunately, we recently had the opportunity to chat with the Missy Peregrym about her character’s growth, the obstacles facing Sam and Andy, where she’d like to see the show go next – and Ben Bass' most embarrassing moment. I like the challenge of doing the physical stuff, as well, but it’s also not worth getting hurt and then being in pain for two weeks because of my competitive nature.

Read on to find out when Missy will be live tweeting and don’t forget to tune in to ABC tonight for the premiere episode. We spoke at the start of Rookie Blue season 4 and you said that Sam and Andy had amazing chemistry but that chemistry isn’t enough to make a relationship sustainable.

We’ve put the work in, and all of a sudden this situation kind of blows them back. Being engaged to the wrong guy and him cheating on her and dealing with that. This is where I feel very happy to where we’re headed, I think that if there’s anything that I look forward to it’s actually having a family with Sam, herself.