The woman must give back to their men by making them dinner, baking them cookies or cleaning their closets. If Patti and her reps like what they see, the woman must then undergo an interview in person with Patti or a MC recruiter.

Personal interviews are essential, because they’ve come across women whose pictures haven’t matched their true faces, and who have lied about their ages.

” declares Patti Stanger, over a glistening mound of steak tartar at a coveted table at Spago in Beverly Hills.

In a few minutes, legendary chef Wolfgang Puck will emerge from the kitchen to make sure all Patti’s culinary needs are satisfied.

“I had one celebrity who just wanted me to introduce him to submissive women under 25 with dirty blond hair and wearing parochial school girl outfits,” Patti relates. He gave me the creeps.” She won’t go as far as to scrutinize a potential male member’s tax returns or bank statements, but Patti has her own ways of knowing whether or not a man is successful.

She asks about his cars, his home, his vacation habits, his lifestyle, and his place of employment.

together, has been devoted to serving millionaire singles for over a decade.

with many great features: certified millionaire, MM celebrity, luxury show, to name a few.

“I can’t do much for women over 45, and if they’re overweight, it’s almost impossible,” she says.

“We have anyone from nail technicians to doctors and Harvard Law grads,” says Patti.

No word on whether Tiffany is okay with putting her “ambition” on hold to become a Stepford wife.

“I’ve been involved in the Millionaires Club for about four months, and I’ve had really positive experiences,” says Tiffany.

And Patti even lays claim to a hereditary sixth sense—her mother had psychic powers.