You need to support the entire system during a change process, and this involves continually "reassuring" triple warmer as the transition occurs.

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Initially there was wonderful euphoria, with feelings of well-being and contentment.

Then, as if triple warmer was rearing up in rebellion, most of the women experienced surges of crying jags, anger, and confusion.

Assure it that you are looking out for your body’s well-being with these interventions and encourage it to trust you, to relax, and to withdraw the "troops." At the same time, encourage it to keep the troops, the resources of your immune system, fit and in readiness for real threats to your health.

This practice affirms triple warmer's value, diffuses defensiveness, and heads off a reactionary panic.

My theory regarding this process relates to addiction work.

One of the reasons women overeat is to suppress painful feelings and memories.

An energy test will help you to determine which meridians are involved.

Dear Donna: Having attended one of your workshops specific to weight loss issues, I would like to share some of the results several of us, vigilant about sedating triple warmer and strengthening spleen, have experienced.

The thyroid is actually governed by the balance of triple warmer and spleen, not just the triple warmer alone.