She later admitted that she was openly intimidated by me and the idea that I found her attractive. Given their lack of physical strength, a woman on her own should be frightened as me, feels that her life would end if she were to lose me, I’m doubly inspired to be there for her, to shield her from the cruelty of the world. If she just wants me, could take me or leave me, my gut response is one of apathy. In order to love someone else, you need to be emotionally vulnerable, more so women than men (as girls are attracted to confident men).She had been an ugly duckling in high school, forty pounds overweight and used to being ignored and mocked; I had met her shortly after she’d lost the weight, when she still viewed the world through a fat girl’s eyes. You need to be willing to open yourself up, to give yourself over to their judgment, to risk being hurt and rejected.The jobs that keep the country running—tradesmen, miners, farmers, policemen, the military—are still overwhelmingly dominated by men.

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In the world of men, respect—and by extension self-esteem—is based on actually achieving something of worth or having some kind of skill or talent. No one respects a fat video game-playing kid who lives in his parents’ basement, and why should they?

There’s absolutely no skill or work involved in pissing away your life eating Doritos and jacking off into a tube sock.

I was out to eat with my youngest son, now 16, and ran into an acquaintance. Her daughter, who knows I went through chemo all a year earlier, made a comment that her mother must have a particularly strong constitution because she didn’t have trouble with side effects.

She said she’d given it a lot of thought, and wanted me to know that there were “perks” to dying at early age, in case I did. (and feeling fine by the way, and had just told her so.) But she proceeded to tell me 3 of “the perks” if I were to die early. Ya, unlike like the rest of us weak wussies who who were knocked out by chemo!

Women claim they want equal rights as men, but they don’t want equal .

As such, they demand respect not based on their merit as people, but for merely continuing to breathe.

One “perk” was that I wouldn’t be the grieving spouse, another was that I had already parented “through the fun years” and wouldn’t have to see my kids make bad life choices, and the other one….oh, I wouldn’t have the aches n pains that came with old age like she was experiencing. I knew that she was grasping at any tiny sign that her mom might experience a full recovery so I kept my mouth shut.” ………………………………………………….

She was “sincere” and had “thought about it,” and is a nurse!! I have a few friends battling cancer in different stages. Honestly, it is hard to find what to say, so I normally just say I am so sorry.

” “At least it’s not on your face where everyone could see the scars, besides you don’t really your breasts anyway.” “A new-agey friend asked me if I had been really angry about anything 7 years before my diagnosis that I had repressed. )” “I was advised to write a letter to my husband detailing how much I loved him so he could have something when I died.