2.) Your Budget: To avoid the awkwardness of a money misunderstanding I recommended bringing this up right away! I love it when someone tells me what their budget is because it opens up the conversation and allows me to strategize about what I CAN do for that price instead of what I CAN’T – and I love to say “I can do that!” 3.) Your Hair Routine: By this I mean what, when, why, where and how.

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While I’m working and getting to know a new client, this is a very valuable skill.

However, recently it has become a problem for me because I am a single lady and I’ve started online dating.

These topics should come up during your consultation but if your hairdresser forgets to ask about them please feel free to bring it up or just fling it out there.

1.) Your Hair History: This includes every single chemical hair service, including hair color, that the hair on your head has been through.

And session stylists, as those who work on photoshoots and film sets are known, are the best of the bunch.

They after all are the ones who make the models in the adverts look like they have just stepped out of a salon.

5.) Your Children or Pets: I have kids and I’ve had pets so I know how easy it is to talk about this subject.

It’s a great way to fill the potential silence of a hair appointment, so feel free to share.

What do you expect your hair to look like when we are all finished?