I’m mixed, Black and Arab mostly, I’ve never dated a Black guy, only Arabs, so what ?

Her mom was beautiful back in the day and her dad was hot as hell, but she’s just….boring, not even pretty.

Log in to Reply I know they say sometimes two pretty people can make and ugly child and vice versa but that is rare.

Years later, Lenny is clean and sober today in part thanks to his daughter.

When actress Zoe Kravitz was just 11-years-old she moved into her father’s home.

Roxie’s father was Afro-Bahamian, from Nassau, and Roxie’s mother was African-American.

Albert was the son of David or Joseph Roker and Frances.

Rocker Lenny Kravitz is known for his chic and sexy fashion sense, his effortless, masculine songs and his former marriage to Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet.

But little do many know that Lenny also would “spend days getting high” when first started in the industry.

Because of his new “roommate,” Zoe’s mere presence was the best thing that could have happened to him. I had to focus, and I wanted to focus, but all of a sudden, here it was. If that hadn’t happened, I don’t know where I’d be now.” TAKE A LOOK: When asked about how he manages to deal with her dating possible guys like how he was, Lenny doesn’t shy away.

“I had to surround myself with energy and chaos and excitement and conflict,” Lenny Kravitz tells Men’s Journal of his drug and alcohol abusing past. “She learned the game [from me], so people have to learn to deal with her,” explains Kravitz.

Lenny Kravitz treated his Swedish fans to the worst (or best) wardrobe malfunction of all-time when his leather pants ripped completely open onstage, and his junk fell out.