"We just haven't communicated that to a lot of people," says lead guitarist/vocalist Olivia Jean, with a sly chuckle. JEAN: Shelby's sick, so her voice is kinda going out. off, because that's how we are in our day-to-day lives as well. We're all into lacy things, and velvet, and the color black. " Sometimes we'll end up with the same pair of shoes or tie or something completely on accident, because we're slightly different versions of the same person.

It’s also set to describe the Detroit scene in which ‘The White Stripes first flourished’.

“No other book goes as deep into the lore of Jack White and The White Stripes,” the accompanying description reads.

It's the only recorded one as being a "true" ghost story.

ROGERS: From now on, when we go to hotels, we're gonna ask for the Honeymoon Suite, because they're so much better. There's a story of a real witch that lived in a small town. I think it's one of the more well-known ghost stories.

JEAN: We've all had long hair since we were children. LYNNE: I think none of us have any interest in having a different type of hairdo.

If you look at our baby photos, we have the same haircut.

According to the band themselves, even the most up-to-date information is dated. ROGERS: Well, as you're talking to us right now, we look exactly like what you would see in a photo of us. "LYNNE: We all shop separately because we would probably want exactly the same thing.

At the time of the interview, it was discovered that the fourth band member, Christina Norwood, has since left the band—a fact about the group that has yet to be published. []LYNNE: It was just natural that we look a little bit... We all enjoy going to vintage shops and finding our own clothes. TAYLOR: I have to ask, when you guys go thrift shopping, do you go thrift shopping together? It's better for us to shop on our own and then be like, "Hey, look at this cool dress I found!

Neil Hasted has previously written biographies on Eminem and The Kinks.