This particular means of storing information on the i Pod has both advantages and disadvantages.

The major advantage to this approach is that music is catalogued in such a way that it is easily and rapidly accessible from the various menus on the i Pod itself, without having to search through individual track information or build a separate cache.

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However, beneath this i Pod_Control folder is a Music folder that contains all of the individual audio and video files that are stored on that particular i Pod.

The only information not stored here is photos, which we will discuss separately later in this article.

Unlike many other portable media players, the i Pod stores its content using a database methodology.

i Tunes copies the content itself to a hidden directory structure on the i Pod and then updates a database stored on the i Pod.

However, there is no guarantee that future generations of i Pod will continue to support these methods.

Further, this information does not apply to content stored on the Apple TV, since despite its integration with i Tunes, a different synchronization technology is used for this device and there are presently no methods to recover content from the Apple TV without hacking into or physically disassembling the unit.

Probably the single most frequently-asked question of our editors here at i Lounge is “How do I copy music from my i Pod back to my computer?

” Although Apple’s i Tunes program is very good at keeping a computer-based library synchronized to an i Pod automatically, or for manually transferring tracks from your computer’s i Tunes library onto your i Pod, it provides extremely limited functionality for transferring information in the opposite direction—from your i Pod back to your computer.

Unfortunately, with the exception of tracks purchased from the i Tunes Store, which we’ll discuss further later in this article, i Tunes provides no method for transferring your music and other media content from your i Pod back to your computer.