If they think you are a gentleman, they will be great friends.

If they think you are not a gentleman, they won't give you the time of day.

With that in mind you might like to re-read your initial post.

BTW: There was a very good blog yesterday by Stephen Cleary, titled "Misunderstanding Thai Women". In the archives you will find another great blog of his titled: "Dos and Don'ts for Dating a Proper Thai Girl." It's also a must read. Good girls stay cool or friendly (that's not a signal but a way to be polite.

In the west id go for kissing/cuddling intimate on first date, 2'nd/3'd my place and close the deal Not saying this like it would happen in a few days or everytime, there could be plenty of time between, more like the time you spend in isolation.

Usually if things didnt escalate somewhat like this id think that the girl was a lost cause or not attracted enough, is this also the case with thai girls?

A sexy business with a Thai girl can be more serious than you think it could be.

A good girl wouldn't like hitting a nightclub for their first date, unless she's dragging friends with her.

Hi everybody, Im lucky enough to spend this spring studying some classes at a Bangkok University, and its been great!

Being around cute girls all day doesnt hurt either I do have some questions though, as i am a bit confused as what is the best way to date thai girls.

If you find a girl that "escalates" anywhere near your usual pace, you would probably be better off going to Sukhumvit, where everyone knows the score.

My Thai teacher told me most Thai women think Farang men fall into two classes: gentlemen and non-gentlemen.

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on what Romanian men/women are like?