The Question: What do you do if you have an amazing date with a guy, you totally click, and then weeks go by and you don't hear a word. It's been my experience that if you're pursuing somebody that has not demonstrated any interest in continuing, then you might be able to have a few more encounters but it sounds like there is gonna be some pain for you. I never was so madly in love with someone where I needed to pursue them.

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Every week, I ask my 83-year-old grandma and a random teen to answer a question about dating.

Then I weigh in with my own horrible Generation Y opinion.

Think you could handle a Gilf, both in the bedroom and out of it? Fantasising about screwing an older woman is one thing, actually going through with it is something else entirely.

These are women that are looking to explore their sexual depths, and if you are brave enough to jump along for the ride, you are going to need to prepare yourself for what she might throw in your direction.

She is going to be hitting the prime time of life, and she’s looking for someone enthusiastic and energetic to explore that time with.

She might have a new boost of confidence after leaving her husband and shedding a few pounds, which means that you’ll get the benefit of the new naughty lingerie and the different sexual positions she’s now willing to try. She’s going to want to try those things she never tried before it’s too late.

Her husband would never have entertained the idea of such a ludicrous thought.

Her younger guy is much more up for anything and eventually let her do it.

When I was younger and just beginning to date, I had a Sally Bowles "anything goes" philosophy. You deserve someone who is dying to see you, not someone you need to convince to hang out.

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Something may happened or maybe he lost my number."The Millennial: I'm a 29 years-young lady who has finally learned to stop dating musicians and bartenders. Dating is like riding a bike—it's easy and fun but also you could die. The bottom line is, "He's just not that into you." I am a feminist, but I'm also a realist. I hate to admit it, it sounds so traditional, and archaic and lame, but it's true. Send all your dating and relationship queries to [email protected]