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How God orchestrates time is also relevant, for the Trial follows His Timing Rules.

Those Rules also afford Satan opportunity to end the Trial in his favor.

Here's a starting list: Gen1:1-2 compared to Ps1, Isa, Jer33:2, , Isa-17 (esp. Isa 45:7's Hebrew for "evil" raah, should be "evil one", Satan -- compares to "darkness" in the previous clause as a parallelism (since God didn't cause darkness (or evil) directly, but did make Haylel-ben-Shachar, aka Satan, the author of it); guess that's why the LXX uses kakos rather than the usual poneros, to tie the type of parallelism (to darkness) in the previous clause. Suggest you get the "1975 Genesis" audiotape series from my pastor (they never ask for money).

"Creationism" entry in repeats some of this paragraph, and adds more information you can use in your own vetting.][Greek wordplay in John is phenomenal.

going to hell, but believers go to heaven; see also the many Bible inheritance/disinheritance analogies, etc.

In Bible Works I found 18 "sons of God" references; hell/heaven and inheritance verses are many more.

God wastes no time alerting us to this Trial: contrary to popular Christianity's claims, Bible's inspired, original-language texts from Gen1:2 onward show a restoration of Earth due to Satan&Co.'s rebellion (which trashed the planet). NT counterparts to Gen1: Titus 3:5, Rom8, 1Cor6 and 12, all of Ephesians and Hebrews (the latter two also stress purpose of gifting to Father and Son).

Many other Bible verses allusively or directly refer back to Gen1:2's "tohu wa bohu" (=trashed up), to reveal essential elements of this our origin; [Yes, mothering. Jn and 1Jn tie in also, via the "in the beginning" refrain.

Because, this is a TRIAL: not a lightshow, not a mystical incantation, not "Left Behind" or anything remotely like the Hollyweird (and relgioweird) paint it. So the relevant Trial Disclosure was to fallen man, in the wake of the then-famous 1440BC Exodus.

Until Moses, everyone knew the basics about God: you can trace this knowledge via the etymological development of God-related words, particularly in ancient Hebrew and Greek.

In short, there is much in Bible on the topic to warrant a conclusion of replacement.] So, we humans were created for sonship; and, to be witnesses in this Lord vs. All those "witness" verses first refer to Trial Witness, not so much witness to our fellow man.