Ms Wati commented on the Northern Advocate Facebook page yesterday that she had interrupted an amorous couple parked up in a camper van at Waiomio.

Ms Wati's incredulous eyes weren't the only thing wide open. " Ms Wati says she "gave them the fright of their lives and told them to GET! The WDC has recently opted to park up a by-law regulating freedom camping.

When she finally made it down to my boxers which to my surprise she stopped and reached under her pillow and pulled out the one hand opened knife I had bought her and then she cut my shorts off...

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I had dinner ready when the girls returned and all tents were set up there was one cook tent and two, 2 people tents.

The girls were impressed with the way dinner tasted and how I set up camp and man I was impressed with the way the girls looked in there redneck camping outfits.

She sucked me into orgasm and said "was that good for you???

" Shit response and she said "why don’t you blow out the candle and let me know when you are ready to go again!

As long as thousands of ratepayer dollars aren't spent touring around Europe on "fact finding" trips, perhaps the answer to our solution lies overseas, rather than from the confines of council chambers.

This site has been blocked by order of the government of Russia."I blasted a Euro couple in the freedom camper for having sex down by the bridge, curtains and windows wide open! It would have tightened up the existing rules which allow for "free camping" pretty much anywhere for up to three days.The new by-law proposed included only allowing campervans with onboard ablutions to free camp. Would people rather see a couple fighting and yelling ?And they probably don't want to wake up next to each other either. For goodness sake, I would rather witness two consenting adults minding their own business - having sex, than witness two adults trying to kill each other. Surely though, there must be some best practice out there somewhere. Well anyway it was 530 when we got to the site, I built the fire cause I rock at fire building..I am the only on who has ever really camped in the wilderness.