And, more importantly, is there a chance I might wind up spitting it all over myself??The overwhelming majority of beer, by its nature a foodstuff, is generally meant for consumption promptly after its creation.

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Overexposure to these elements can leave you drinking either a cardboard cocktail or a stink bomb.

So while it’s cool that I can sit in Boston and drink beers from Seattle, Singapore and Sydney, the brews in hand usually no longer taste as the brewer intended, or as I may have hoped.

Freshness dating will soon be a fixture on more brands from Molson Breweries.

The company began putting best-before dates on product last fall with the launch of Grand Nord, a Quebec-only brand, and expects to soon begin adding freshness dates to others.

In reality, many brewers, importers and retailers simply don’t want you to know when your beer was made. Because they know most of us don’t want to drink beer that tastes like cardboard, and therefore we won’t buy old beer.

And that would leave brewers with a lot of unsold beer and unrecoverable losses.Otherwise, beer lovers will remain unprotected from unscrupulous store owners and diabolical friends alike.And there’s no telling what that’ll mean for the nation’s coffee tables.If they expect curious drinkers to spend nine bucks on a six-pack, why not take an easy step to protect their lips from stale sips?Consumers new and old shouldn’t have to worry about being turned off by a bottle past its prime.I pity the poor, unwitting fool who wasted eight bucks on that particular six-pack.