If you are being very sexy and gearing up for a show, they're probably not going to stay in your room - and that's okay.

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Members want to spend money on a woman they like or are attracted to.

If you are not revealing enough of your personality or body, they may be undecided.

Members go to camsites so they can feel good about themselves and relax with a beautiful woman. They do not want to be screamed at, called cheap, or made to feel like jerks.

Making a member feel alienated is not going to make him more likely to spend money on you. Do you log on, take 15 minutes to decide what show you're going to do, 10 minutes to start the countdown, and let the coutndown sit for 50 or 60 minutes while you chat with the guys and hope to get tips?

As long as you have a game plan and your current activity is earning you money in one way or another (or even if you are just hanging out and not planning on earning) you are not going to be able to attract *every* member. Many members believe that some (or a majority of) camgirls get on cam only for fun and attention.

These men do not feel obligated to tip "just because" you are entertaining them.

Members want to look at you; they do not want to be interrupted every two minutes by you taking 30 seconds to move the camera around.

Some members go on cam sites to look for socialization and conversation.

"); this is about straight-up telling the members they are assholes for not giving you money. There is a big difference between saying, "sorry, guys! I should have known not to try a show when my regulars weren't on." Even if you feel that it is their fault, members probably do not feel that way.