Markthal means an important impulse to its surrounding area which is a strong contribution to the urban economy.

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In the 1990’s this trajectory was rebuilt as an underground tunnel and the current oblong square emerged which offers room for the open air fresh food market twice a week.

The 1950’s buildings on either side of the old highline suddenly faced the new square with their backsides and have been replaced ever since.

The combination of an apartment building covering a fresh food market with food shops, restaurants, a supermarket and an underground parking is found nowhere else in the world.

Location Urban transformation Markthal was a success already before being realised: it is a new and fresh icon which already has attracted large quantities of international press and visitors.

After completion of Markthal, the city of Rotterdam will start to refurbish Binnenrotte Square to make it more attractive also on days that there is no outdoor market.

After the refurbishment the outdoor market will be reconfigured, the market lanes will connect seamlessly to the entrances of Markthal, to allow the public to easily enter and exit the building and to create incentives between the two markets, indoor and outdoor.

The centrally located building is rooted in the city’s history, located parallel to the late medieval ‘Laurenskerk’ (Laurens church) and at the location of the former dike along the river Rotte.

This river was diverted at the end of the 19 century in favour of a train line viaduct leading to the south bank of the river Maas.

This cable net façade is the largest of its kind in Europe.