Kids who have dinner with their parents do better in school, are less likely to use drugs or alcohol, are less likely to have sex while in high school, and are less likely to experience depression or anxiety.

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Set reasonable limits (no texting during dinner and after 9pm, no online chatting or TV until homework is finished) and be sure to offer empathy when they hate your limits.

It’s their job to test limits, and yours to set limits based on your values.

Your child’s body is changing, creating mood swings, distractibility, competitiveness, and preoccupation with the opposite sex.

What's more, their brains are undergoing an extensive re-wiring, which can make them emotionally volatile.

But car rides run a close second, probably because kids feel less threatened when you aren't looking right at them.

Schedule regular longer alone-time with each parent, such as monthly brunch with Dad or weekly walks with Mom.

Tweens are usually curious about your own early years; those can be great opportunities to reassure them that even their parents were insecure, as all tweens are.

It’s also an opportunity to teach; don’t be afraid to share real life examples of teens who died from drinking and driving, or became addicted to drugs.

Kids who feel disconnected from their parents lose their anchor and look for it in their peer group.

The only way to make it through the tween years with a firm foundation for the teen years to come is to fiercely maintain a strong bond with your child, even while you encourage age-appropriate freedom.

When your tween yells at you to drop dead, don’t over-react.