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[]Originally posted by jairohhh Ok so as seen on zh1nt0 twitter page he wont do anything about ingame voice for BF3 because of " business reasons and because he would have to develop the solution as part of the game instalation" So how about this: Battlelog already knows the server and players we are playing with, we already have a voice party function in battlelog, why not make the squad mates AUTO JOIN the voice party in battlelog?

This game is bad enough that at the end of the round we are isolated from each other.i signed but i think their basically trying to pretend its not their problem but SONARs but that is bull, first they said they were working on it, now on twitter they say they actually are not?!

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I just know that they as well as any other competent coder, knows how easy it would be for them to find a workaround that would allow sonar to fufill the function of ingame voice.

You dont need to install anything and you wont have to spend extra money developing anything.The reason why it would be easier to create a Skype call than from just going into the settings is because some computers can only handle so much going on, but if it's built in to the game it would be like running two things at one time!here is the link to the original post that was locked because of all caps even though its a great idea.But they seem to be of the opinion that most people don't care about this.I have had these problems quite frequently while playing on multiplayer servers where I have built major projects before, and I am guessing many of you reading this have experienced this too.)So I was thinking maybe if I was going to do a project with multiple people that I could see if they had Skype, but many people dono t download Skype either because of the security issues, or the fact that some people aren't aloud to get Skype because they aren't aloud too.