So I don't recommend this to anyone Do not listen to the haters who say doesn't work when they've not properly tried it BUT also don't listen to the people who say you get laid in minutes on the site - the simple truth in the matter is that the ONLY way to make online hookup dating work is to get signed up to a FEW sites (i.e not just one) preferably that you have heard are good or read good things about and then you just have to work your ass off until you get lucky.I added my profile on this site to my portfolio and its been a good choice, i find it compliments my fave site (Hookup nicely.

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I have used it in combination with Casual Dating69(never stake everything on one card) and it works just fine.

Create a nice profile and prepare to comunicate properly and never be too pushy.

If you look at I find that its much closer to 50/50 and so it always has my vote for the best hookup site, not found anything that comes close yet.

I signed up for one month of this site, and every message I get is completely fake.

As said before in other reviews it is full of cyber chat for money. Loads of people flogging cam services; they try and flog other sites they own and above all they take a £3 trial and insist it's a £30 one (it's in their 't&cs). Best thing about is the amount of girls you can search through.

Some sites don't have many real girls but you can find real girls here and on a few other more trusted sites that I've tried, like Hookup Hangout and a few others.

Once you know there are chicks there its half the battle anyway, the worst is when your paying on a site and you think there are girls and there are no girls! So yeah, give it a shot and if you have good banter & take your time then youll get laid, no doubt.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS This is the worst site I have ever been on Like some others I signed up for 3 days for .99 and got charged the ,99 as well The responses seem automated but my guess is they are paying some poor women (or men) is a third world country to reply.

membership for about a week for hammered by messages from ladies. Well, disullusion: It is a slow and patient process on any site. Came across some nice profiles and hope to get in touch soon.

Which made me believe these are robotic response's. When you cancel you must call to have them stop you recurrent charge. From my side, none of the messages that I send get sent. After creating my account I noticed that I immedietly started racking up messages but could not read them until I upgraded..

I like how is super easy to use so even a dummy like me can get laid on this lol! But in addition they will try to give you a free trial to some other bull$#*! which will then be told that you need to provide some feed back at the end or they will automatically bill you again.. I tried numerous times to sign up for a 4 day trail but the site kept blocking that.