I know that the manga isn’t anywhere near being complete, but when compared to the anime it presents a stronger idea of Havoc’s personality and background.

Jean Havoc is a Second Lieutenant in the Amestris National Armed Forces.

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In the years that Havoc served as the Colonel’s subordinate, Mustang earned his utmost respect and he had been more loyal to Mustang and his goals than any other man ever since.

At some point in his life he became best friends with Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda; it’s not known exactly when they met each other and became friends, but evidence suggests they were already in the military and relatively young.

There was very little to his character aside from his loyalty to Mustang, his constant bad luck in love, his occasional role as comic relief... It was only after I started reading the manga that I realized that there was a lot more to his character than the anime originally portrayed, including the sadness of him being the man Mustang’s forced to leave behind.

When I first became interested in the manga storyline of Fullmetal Alchemist after watching the entire anime series, Havoc seemed to be practically the same character in both versions of the story; a loyal, chain-smoking soldier with incredibly bad luck with women and a rather pessimistic outlook on things.

Details of his life before the start of the series are sketchy; he grew up in an unnamed country town in the east of Amestris where his family owns a store, and joined the army after the Ishvar War affected the area where he lived in an effort to assist with the clean up.

Sometime after joining the army he came under the command of Colonel Roy Mustang.

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