When a blizzard devastated the family’s herd in 2002, the disaster knocked them almost overnight into poverty.

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Of all the major cities in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar is most likely to provide a familiar experience.

On the surface, it may seem similar; large buildings, lots of people, service-based economy, but there are several customs that you should keep in mind if you want to successfully make your way through the capital of the country.

If you’d like to try cooking Mongolian cuisine at home, below is a simple recipe for making traditional Mongolian steamed dumplings called 3.

Hi everyone, As a spin-off on the marriage thread, I was wondering if any of you kind people could give a glance into your dating experiences as foreigners in Mongolia, with Mongolian men and women. I am a white American woman who has been dating a Mongolian man (from Outer Mongolia) for almost 1 year.

Mongolia is not particularly religious, conservative or liberal, but it is uniquely Mongolian.

People take pride in their customs and habits, and if you show respect you will find far more doors are opened during your travels than if you don't.

Due to the harsh climate and many families’ reliance on livestock, Mongolian cuisine is focused on meat and dairy products; vegetables and spices are less common.

One of the ways that goats help Dulamsuren’s family is by providing milk.

On the plains of Mongolia, the cuisine is focused on meat and dairy, especially for nomadic herding families.

See what it's like to cook in this harsh climate, and try a recipe at home … Last Christmas, we featured the story of sponsored child Dulamsuren in Mongolia, whose family are nomadic herders in the country’s central plains, as we followed Billy and Grampa Goat’s journey around the world.

Additionally, while this isn't necessarily a common practice any more, it's worth it to partake in a "Marmot Barbecue." Also called a boodog, it consists of paying a hunter about 10,000 tugrik (about .50 USD) to go into the desert, shoot a marmot, and bring it back to cook in a traditional way.