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With that legal stuff out of the way lets get down to business!

I’m an affiliate marketer myself so this is the part that initially got my excited about DA.

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I do this because there are a lot of laws and regulations about income claims and I do my best to operate my business in accordance with these regulations.

The * symbol is to signify that these results are not typical, and there is no guarantee of income from using any strategy or system mentioned on this website.

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So – I’m going to do my best to make this the best and most informative review of Digital Altitude anywhere online.

I’ve structured this review in a “Q & A” format, so that I can answer all of the most important questions that you may have about this system.

As I mentioned earlier there are basically of two “parts” to Digital Altitude.

There’s the training, and then there’s the affiliate program.

Before getting involved with marketing Michael was in the US Marines and is a family man with young children.