Without the required time of preparation a girl’s associations can be very shallow. Physical and moral safety is increased in the multiplicity of friends.‘Without the preparation time, a girl will be ill-prepared for the responsibilities that go with dating and strengthening others as well as herself’” (Ardeth G. Group homemade recreation activities can be not only great fun but most beneficial.” Interrupt the reading of this quotation, and ask the young women to listen carefully for ideas for group activities that President Kimball recommended.

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You may want to videotape the play and watch it later with refreshments.

Plan to prepare and eat a formal dinner using silver, china, and other appropriate items.

Kimball, In teams with both young men and young women on each side, compete in any kind of sport or tournament.

If you choose to do something that is new to some, be sure to give adequate instruction first.

Drama can develop talent, teach patience, and foster fellowship and friendliness.

Group music activities have similar effects, and also can soften and mellow the spirit and satisfy the aesthetic needs. “Well-ordered dances provide favorable places, pleasing times and auspicious circumstances in which to meet new people and to enlarge circles of friends. In an evening of pleasurable dancing and conversation, one can become acquainted with many splendid young folk, every one of whom has admirable traits and may be superior to any one companion in at least some qualities.Collect costumes and provide simple sound effects or music.Have each person choose a part and then read through the play without any rehearsal.If you have started a list of the benefits of group activities on the chalkboard, appoint another class member to add to this list as the remainder of President Kimball’s quotation is read.Otherwise, have class members record the benefits individually and review them together after the reading is finished.have many activities of a social nature planned for them, both in their school and Church programs, which they should enjoy in groups. Any dating or pairing off in social contacts should be postponed until at least the age of 16 or older, and even then there should be much judgment used in selections and in the seriousness.