A new creative project has been set in motion which will demand all of your time for the next couple of months and you must be fierce and disciplined with your daily routine in order to do well.

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After January 10 is the best time for you to hire some form of assistance to help you with your many chores.

Delegation is your theme for the rest of the month, and as January gets fully underway you find that financial arrangements and legal options will vastly improve.

January demands that you sort out a domestic situation that has been unclear for some time.

Home is where your heart is but a huge career break beckons after mid-month which involves some changes, and it is an amazing opportunity that you really won’t want to turn down!

This year, your karmic challenge is to work patiently true to your beliefs over sensationalism, Saturn bringing it on with colleagues and professional organizations.

October 2017 to November 2018, Jupiter explodes career with your greatest opportunities since 2005.

Love is all around you but it is best to wait until next month to pursue a new relationship. Not only are loved ones very prominent this month, but also your care and concern for their future.

There will be changes in your family which will require some practical adjustments – and re-adjustments – in the household dynamic.

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Self-care is actually more important this month than your care for others: give yourself permission for this.