Suddenly, another tab opened on my browser without me even touching the mouse.

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The second dread was actually a bit of my own fault. I had a feeling that they were all going to be very boring. Anyways, it wasn’t long before I was known as an outsider and a freak.

After all , I was in town for most of the summer, but I spent all of that time cooped up in my room reading ghost stories and H. In fact, I had a feeling that the whole time we lived in Maine was going to be boring. About a week before the school year began, I started having these nightmares. After all, with all the horror I had been reading, I was sure to have a nightmare or two. Pale skin, with a few blemishes here and there, pink lips, and a beautiful blue eye with flecks of brown, green, orange, and even a little lavender. White as freshly fallen snow or fluffy summer clouds. So I spent most of my study halls and free periods at the school library. It was the only school yearbook in the whole library.

My body protested at first, urging me to get back in bed, to try again to fall asleep, but as soon as I turned on the computer, the blue light blinding me, I was wide awake. So basically it’s an eye for an eye sort of thing.” “But Joann, I-” Joann whirled around and glared at her friend.

(Of course, my computer being the pain in the ass it is, it decided that right then was the perfect time to update. In fact, it was a hippie that killed my dad.” “I thought that was an accident.” Joann wrinkled her nose.

I stared at the computer, expecting it to search the name, but nothing happened. The bathroom, the smashed mirrors, the blood wiped on her shirt. Then I thought about how the bathroom door was locked from the outside, the girls’ claims that they were all close friends with Julia. Locked her in there and said that they wouldn’t let her out until she did it? It seemed that was the end of the story and now I could climb back into bed and go to sleep and for the first time in two and a half weeks not be visited by Julia’s tortured ghost. I wasn’t going to be able to stay awake in any of my classes. Even though she seemed really calm, her voice was the same: one voice crying, the other screaming.

But why on Earth was Julia Melville playing Bloody Mary? But one piece of the puzzle just didn’t seem to fit: Julia’s appearance. The black colored eye, the cut smile, the pure white skin, the claws. I x-ed out of Chrome and crawled back into my bed, the soft and warm blankets welcoming me with an embrace. Julia’s ghost visited me that night, but it wasn’t the normal dream.

And how the hell did they get away with calling all this an accident? It was a horrifying laugh, the crying and screaming still there. In this dream, I seemed to have all five senses, so pinching myself wasn’t going to do me any good.

I glanced at the bottom corner of my screen, then sighed and massaged my temples. it was almost three in the morning, and I still had no idea what had happened to Julia Melville in that bathroom in 1966, why a ghost was visiting me in my dreams, or what this all had to do with some game. ” I muttered, sitting back in my chair and staring at the computer screen in frustration. “Having a general idea and knowing are two completely different things.” A chill went down my spine and suddenly I wanted to leave. I was trapped there until Julia wanted me to leave.

I used to keep this story to myself- I never told anyone, never wrote it down. It’s hardly even possible that anyone would ever believe me. Which wouldn’t be fair with how much I’ve gone through. When I finished eighth grade, my parents decided that they wanted to move from our sunny home in Los Angeles to a small, rainy town in Maine. Only three people will know about it: you, me, and Julia.” Then the two of them vanished.