A unique service that Nimbuzz also provides is the ability to chat by texting with your friend through video, but without the audio.

While it might sound peculiar to you, it’s ideal for users who would prefer to see each other but are on networks that restrict access to Vo IP calling services.

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The app is available for i OS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Nimbuzz isn’t a shoe-in for this list since it doesn’t get its beginnings in Asia.

Apps like Imo.im, and of course Whatsapp are among the most popular, but there’s a crop of contenders from Asia that you may or may not be familiar with growing exponentially, and they’re beginning to find a solid footing with the U. Launched in 2010, Kakao Talk was founded in Korea by Beom-Soo Kim, the former CEO of Next Human Network, the company formed after a merger between South Korean companies and Hangame Communications.

Kakao Talk provides users with an interactive chatting experience, a library of emoticons, and an app-to-app calling feature that uses your data plan instead of your minutes.

The company projects to have 400 million users by 2014. However, we have to admit when it comes to calling or chatting via video (features that Whatsapp doesn’t offer) Nimbuzz might offer a superior experience.

Users can call friends who have the app downloaded for free, or talk face-to-face with its free video calling feature.

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