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Here are a few questions that will be helpful when you are searching for the right camera for you, something that will take you beyond basic snapshots—tiptoeing into beautiful photography. Honestly, I almost switched to Nikon once because I liked the sound of the shutter–it’s different!

Get a feel for both in your hands and just pick one. I’ll give you my input, then do what you want–it’s what you’ll end up doing anyway.

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I am not PRO at the differences between different cameras/platforms, this is strictly MY OPINIONS as I’ve seen from friends and limited research.

If you’ve read my post, Inside my Camera Bag, you’ll know that I shoot on the Canon platform and have for 10 years. They are likely great slr cameras as well, there just doesn’t seem to be the variety of lenses and support for those bodies.

You’ll either jump into photography looking for great images shooting on manual and realize it isn’t that great, or you’ll be thrilled with the results from the kit lens because it’s better than your phone. BUT, if you know from the get-go that you are determined to hone your photography art from the start, buy the body, and two lenses, which will be a bit more of an investment.