Augustine reflects the diocese’s titular patron – St. 430) – as well as the history of the area of Florida that comprises the diocese.

The background, quartered red (gules) and silver (argent) are reminiscent of the Spanish roots of Florida and the see city of St. In the royal arms of Spain the fields of Castile and Leon are of these tinctures.

In 1793, Pius VI established the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas, appointing the Right Rev.

The first recorded episcopal visitation was made by Bishop Cabeza de Altamirano in 1606.

In 1674, Bishop Gabriel Diaz Vara Calderon visited the Floridian portion of his diocese; he conferred minor orders on seven candidates, and during an itinerary of eight months, extending to the Carolinian confines, confirmed 13,152 persons, founded many mission churches, and liberally supplied others.

Augustine in 1776 and preserved the Faith alive through a trying epoch.

In 1787, Florida became subject to the newly constituted See of St.

Augustine is a diocese of the Catholic Church's Latin Church in the U. Having secured Spanish supremacy by defeating the French and planting a permanent colony at St. Although he confirmed many Indians, he complained of their religious ignorance.

Part of the Ecclesiastical Province of Miami, it covers much of North Florida, including the cities of St. The city was part of other dioceses until March 11, 1870, when the Diocese of St. It covered most of the Florida peninsula until the 1950s, when Florida's expanding population necessitated the creation of new dioceses. Augustine, contained 44 Indian missions, 35 missionaries, and 30,000 Roman Catholic Indians. Bishop Calderon found his episcopal jurisdiction questioned by the friars.Christopher of Havana, and the following year Bishop Cyril de Barcelona found the church at St.Augustine progressing satisfactorily under the care of Fathers Hassett and O'Reilly, who had arrived on the retrocession of Florida to Spain in 1783.The main symbol of the field, a flaming heart transfixed by an arrow in gold (or), is of the human heart transfixed by Divine Love. Taurus & sagittarius, when in a relationship, will not share patibility explore more on sagittarius-taurus love match.patibility and love match for sagittarius woman and taurus man read how the stars influence your sexual life dating, sex, relationship, and love horoscope.Sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces the m n pany who s the recipient of the taurus woman s attentions is the man to watch.